DeepFace: These Scams Are Just the Beginning

We’ve already talked about high-resolution silicone masks and other disguises being used by criminals (as well as legitimate artists and activists) to fool CCTV and facial recognition. It’s been quite a while between updates, as I’ve been busy working on my upcoming book, Ghost Guns: Hobbyists, Hackers, and the Homemade Weapons Revolution.

However, these cases are cool enough (and weird enough) to bring the ol’ blog out of quasi-hiatus.

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Making Crimes Media Round-up!

See where we’ve been talking about DIY guns, crime, and the 4th Industrial Revolution!

International Security Fantasy League!

For today’s installment at MakingCrimes, we’ve got friend-of-the-blog Dr. Jake Diliberto back for some bullshitting intelligent discourse about modern security issues. We’re calling this the International Security Fantasy League, and we daresay it beats most of the punditry on CNN these days.  Continue reading

Two Bits in the COIN-Operated Machine: Interview with a Counter-Insurgency Specialist

There’s been a lot of talk about the ways technology is being harnessed for terrorism, insurgency, counter-insurgency and general “asymmetric” conflict these days. The Arab Spring, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, and Syria have all involved new uses of technology by governments, combatants, hacktivists, civil resisters, and non-combatants alike.

So, we thought we’d sit down with Dr. Jacob Diliberto for a chat about technology and the future of insurgency.  Continue reading